A high ridge at the top of the Malibu Mountains was home to Windcliff, Masterpiece of architect Jim Moore, AIA, Principal of Medical Planning Associates. They designed hospitals at the request of the Shah of Iran and the Saudi Royal Family. Jim was a
mentor who helped me with many of the business details of home building. What I built for Windcliff was a 6 car garage, motor home bay and a guest house. The main house and a 7 car garage were already built. Did I mention the 20 foot wooden wine vat that was perched on the rocky outpost overlooking Malibu Colony? It was used as a swimming pool. Jim Moore sold MPA and moved to Lake Tahoe. I accepted the mission of selling his home. Doing business as The Home Team, I was the youngest Real Estate Broker in Malibu at this time, I suggested that my moving into Windcliff with my billiard table and a few cars would help the sale. We didn’t call it staging in late 70’s. It worked and sadly I had to move. The 13 garage bays were filled with the new owners Ferrari’s. Alas, all was lost in the Malibu fire.