The Coombs Company starts with a vision of what could be.

The land, what benefits and challenges does it present? How will it shape the new home? Can we create something unique that will inspire daily and stand the tests of time? The mission of obtaining permits to construct homes that fit the urban environment is ever changing. Governmental agencies and neighborhood associations all have a say in what can be built. When we find property that allows us to address these issues with art and enthusiasm, a new project is born.

Phillip Coombs believes that the modern home is a lifestyle choice, not necessarily an architectural definition. Be it a log home in Colorado, an adobe hacienda in Santa Fe or a beach home in Santa Barbara, they can all be defined by their use of contemporary systems and materials. Using todays technology contributes to more free time and fiscal benefits for the homeowner. Keeping up with the ways that Wi-Fi can control the home experience is an evolving and exciting challenge.

Innovative architecture is a major element of our home building motivation. We bring over 40 years of development experience to the design table and work with accomplished architects / engineers to further this pursuit. Attention to details by the specialists that build our homes is evident and appreciated. Published worldwide, the Coombs Company homes have garnered many awards and our Portfolio reflects the diverse ways we have enjoyed the process of creating the modern home.

Welcome to the Coombs Company.